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As you build and grow your brand and become an influencer in your industry and provide value that keeps your followers wanting more, it is vital that you build an email database in order to deliver your information directly. Effective web and social media marketing campaigns play a major part in your success but if your target client doesn’t visit on their own accord then your message is being missed. Email marketing allows you to provide information directly at your leisure as well as a part of a strategic plan that converts more leads to customers. Below are just a few of the areas we’ll assist you with in building and growing your email list:

email marketing spam

Spam Measurement

The arrangement of text and images in your email body and the server you are sending the message from aide in whether your message will be flagged as spam thus failing it’s mission.


The Controlling the Assault of Non-Solicited Pornography And Marketing (CAN-SPAM) Act of 2003 was signed in effect on December 16, 2003 is thoroughly enforced by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) to ensure that all online entities are adhering to the strict marketing guidelines when it comes to email communication. Those that fail to adhere to the guidelines can face severe fines as well as blacklisting of the domain. We ensure that all your email marketing efforts are fully compliant and operating within the guidelines through extensive testing and configuration checks.

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List Segmentation

Take your large email list (macro) and segment the subscribers into a more precise and categorized list (micro). This allows you to target particular groups based on your desired results.

Sales Funnel

Structure your list to initiate an automatic email sending campaign based on the opt-in that was used through your website. For example, if a run a website dedicated to automotive parts and a member of your audience showed interest in exhaust systems then you can set your funnel to share some key posts that you have created regarding exhaust systems then the follow-up email can be some of your top rated exhaust systems that you sell though your website. Your audience is more likely to convert based off the information that you provided in your initial email regarding exhaust systems.

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Click Analysis

Monitoring your analytics is a priority no matter the platform and your email marketing platform is no exception. Each email campaign should be analyzed to determine who is opening the emails, who isn’t opening them, what devices they’re using, what their location is and more. With this data you can fine-tune your marketing methods to ensure a higher rate of conversion.

List Purging

Your list subscribers are only as important as their engagement. If your recipients are not opening emails then that could hurt your statistics as well as result in wasted money, depending on the email marketing platform that you are using. While some subscribers are intentionally disregarding your emails, there are some that may be missing them altogether. In similar fashion to the sales funnel automation, you can setup an email campaign that contacts the subscribers that are not opening their emails to understand why they are not opening them.

Platform Compatibility

Not all email clients are created equally. With so many different email clients being used, there is a major chance that your message can be visually unique on each client. We ensure that you email campaigns are compatible with the following email clients:

android mail logo
apple mail logo
gmail logo
ios mail logo
outlook mail logo
windows mail logo
yahoo mail logo

…and more!

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Get your FREE email spam analysis today!

There is great power when it comes to you email list. Establishing and growing your email list will lead to not only more engagement with your brand but also a higher rate of conversion since the interest has already been established. From promoting a product launch or special event to reaching your audience to get critical feedback, let us help you ensure that you harness the power of an effective email subscriber list.

email marketing list reach

Reach hundreds (if not thousands) in one click

With a growing email subscriber list, the power is truly in your hands. Ensuring that your audience visits your website and social media platforms based on memory requires them to remember your brand at that specific time. With one strategic email blast, your entire audience will receive your message immediately and now engage when you want them to.

email marketing list promotions

Promote a product launch, promotional offer or special event

Your audience will definitely let you know that they are interested in your products and/or services when they decide to opt in and subscribe to your list. Their interest already qualifies them as an effective lead so capitalize on this understanding my using your list to implement strategic promotions to ensure the highest level of success when it comes to launching new products and/or events.

Your steps towards success

Step #1: List creation and segmentation

All email marketing platforms serve a unique purpose. Deciding on which platform will fit your needs followed but creating your list and properly segmenting it will ensure that you are able to target the right members of you audience for a higher rate success.

Step #2: Lead Magnet Creation

Even though some of your audience members will sign up for you list based on pure interest while others may need an incentive; in comes your lead magnet. The lead magnet can be anything relevant to your brand that you offer for free in exchange for a person signing up for you list.

Step #3: Lead Page Implementation

After the lead magnet is created, a page within your website will be created and designated strictly to promote the free lead magnet which will ensure that your audience member provides their email address to obtain it.

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