Communication Method Submission Received!

You Rock!

Your response has been received and we will utilize your requested methods going forward. If you ever change your mind and prefer a different communication method, then please re-submit the previous form or reach out to us so we can help you further.


Based on your response please review the following:

Marco Polo

Download the Marco Polo mobile app to your Android or iOS device then click the following link to connect with me.


Download the GroupMe mobile app to your Android or iOS device (or visit the website through your web browser) then create a free account. From there I will invite you to a personal group using either the email address or phone number that you used in the previous form.

Facebook Messenger

Click the button below, like the page then send a message and that will start the chat thread.


[cresta-facebook-messenger text=”Let’s get started!” icon=”yes” position=”top”]


You will receive an invite from Slack via the email address you provided in the previous form. You will create an account at this time. Download the Slack mobile app to your Android or iOS device as well as check the Slack team via your web browser.