Charles Simpson Sr.

Charles Simpson Sr.


Hello I’m Charles Simpson Sr., owner and lead visionary here at Past Due Branding. When I decided to re-brand my previous web development endeavors, I knew my focus was to provide not only visually-stunning websites and fully functional web, email and social media platforms but also to provide tons of education and motivation to ensure the ongoing success of our clients. My favorite quote by Sir. Winston Churchill is “success is going from failure to failure without losing enthusiasm” and that is a perfect quote to sum up my dedication to your success. In online marketing, there is no perfect solution when it comes to your success and this is why I believe firmly in partnerships over profits. My goal is not to provide a service then leave; my goal is to come alongside you through the highs and lows to help you to continue to grow and succeed.

As a content creator myself, my passion is to work with other content creators and help them put proper systems in place to ensure that they maintain a focus on content and educate them along the way. Whether you are building your website, growing your social media and email audience, my goal is to ensure that you are implementing your online marketing…effectively!

Our core beliefs


Even though we could simply perform a service for you and monitor the results, we prefer to arm you with the knowledge of how each section works to your benefit. Our goal is not to confuse you with the technical jargon but rather inform you of tips and strategies that deliver real results


From content creation to ensuring that you are consistently posting to social media, we are here to help you understand your “why” along the way. Even after the project is completed we are fully invested in you and we are here to help you achieve success.

Why us?

Our main goal is to help you establish a brand that hits your target market and return real results. Through graphics that serve a purpose to fully functional web development to email marketing that keeps your audience updated and engaged to social media marketing that expands your reach and delivers exceptional conversion rates; we are fully invested in your success.


What ever the communication methods may be, we make sure that you are consistently updated leading up to do, during and after project and marketing campaigns.


Every move you make when it comes to online marketing should be strategic and measurable. We understand the analytics and fully explain what they mean to and for you.


There is no microwaveable process when it comes to success. Understanding the process is how you perform your online marketing more effectively.


It’s what we are here to help you achieve. We observe and track your analytics carefully and we are truly invested in your success.

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