Charles Simpson Sr.

Charles Simpson Sr.


Hello I’m Charles Simpson, owner and lead visionary here at Past Due Branding. When I decided to re-brand my previous web development endeavors, I knew my focus was to provide not only visually-stunning  websites and fully functional web, email and social media platforms but also to provide tons of education and motivation to ensure the ongoing success of our clients. My favorite quote by Sir. Winston Churchill is “success is going from failure to failure without losing enthusiasm” and that is a perfect quote to sum up our dedication to your success. Online marketing is not a perfect solution nor a “single plan” option when it comes to your success but just know that we are not the type of company that performs the service and then moves on. We are genuinely invested in your success as we know your genuine satisfaction and appreciation will truly help us grow at all times. While we love helping larger clients (corporations), our passion is to focus primarily on the “little guy”. Small business is the backbone of our nation and we know how difficult it is to build and grow a business through effective online marketing. Whether your business is already established and you’re looking for ways to grow strategically or maybe you’re ready to get started with your online business and looking for assistance with building your website, growing your social media and email audience, we can truly ensure that you are implementing your online marketing…effectively!

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Why Us?

Our main goal is to help you establish a brand that hits your target market and return real results. Through graphics that serve a purpose to fully functional web development to email marketing that keeps your audience updated and engaged to social media marketing that expands your reach and delivers exceptional conversion rates; we are fully invested in and here for your success.


What ever the communication methods may be, we make sure that you are consistently updated leading up to do, during and after the project is implemented.


Every move you make when it comes to online marketing should be strategic and measurable. We understand the statics and fully explain what they mean to and for you.


There is no microwaveable process when it comes to success. Understanding the process is how you perform your online marketing more effectively.


It’s what we’re here to help you achieve. We are truly invested in your success.

Our Core Beliefs


Even though we could simply perform a service for you and monitor the results, we prefer to arm you with the knowledge of how each section works to your benefit. Our goal is not to confuse you with the technical jargon but rather inform you of tips and strategies that deliver real results


From content creation to ensuring that you are consistently posting to social media, we are here to motivate you along the way. Even after the project is completed we are fully invested in you and here to make sure you achieve success.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


With more and more clutter, it may feel like email marketing will be less effective but the key is to provide your audience with value and your messages will be looked at as more of a priority and not a nuisance. There are also ways to educate your audience on how to ensure that your emails never hit the spam folder and are treated as an important message to ensure better inbox positioning.

social media

Yes and no. Twitter and Facebook allow you to give another user “proxy access” which basically means that you can give someone administrative power while you retain full ownership. Instagram will require that you share your password with us to perform the job. As a part of the contract, we agree to uphold the utmost level of professionalism and trust while we are managing your social media profiles.


No! There are tons of other features included but we may lose you by listing them all out 🙂

Yes, we offer one through three hour training sessions to cover your topic of choice. Reserve your training session today!

This session will be utilized to provide hands-on training through remote desktop sharing to ensure you are fully comfortable with navigating through both the backend and frontend of your new website

Your monthly cost already includes us monitoring the backend of your website but what about the content that your audience will consistently be looking for? We can keep your content updated so that you can focus on building your branding in other areas.

Each content modification request will result in a $15 fee (base) with a 72 hour turnaround time.

Rush charges:

  • 6 hour turnaround – Base + $30
  • 12 hour turnaround – Base + $20
  • 24 hour turnaround – Base + $5

Yes you can but you have to rely off the payment gateway’s (i.e. PayPal, Square, etc) embed coding which could affect your website’s layout depending on whether or not their code is customizable based on visuals.

While we do not personally serve as a domain registrar, we are long time supporters of NameCheap based on their value and quality. With some of the lowest costing SSL certificates, you’ll save tons of money over time with registering your domain with them.

We have partnered with our sister company, C.R.O.W.N. Computer Solutions, to offer our clients hosting services. You can expect to receive the same high quality service and education that you receive here at Past Due Branding.

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